Sarah Rostance

I became a doula after the birth of my own son in 2015. During my pregnancy I found that I was in uncharted waters and I was full of questions. I had this new, deep need to understand.  I also discovered that I couldn't have had the experience I did without people by my side. No woman should have to walk a pregnancy and birth journey alone. My own doula opened doors full of knowledge that I didn't even know existed.  

As a birth doula, I promises to  educate, empower and encourage the birthing person and their partners to find the birth path that looks right to them.  I will stand by your side as you navigate your own journey, I will laugh, cry and learn with you.  The birth of a baby is so awesomely inspiring, it is an honor to be welcomed into that experience.

Besides all things birth I enjoy books, tattoos, beer, geeking out over Harry Potter with my two bonus daughters, playing with legos and cars with my toddler son, eating my husband's cooking and binge watching the latest Netflix show.