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Breastfeeding Basics + Newborn Care Workshop

This 3-hour combo class was brought by request from some of our birthED mamas. Perfect for a full breastfeeding education including tips and tricks in the early days as well as what to expect as you nurse your baby in the first year of life.  Also adding on the bonus hour of newborn basic care and comfort techniques. 

What we will cover: 

  • Normal breastfeeding timeline and what to expect day-to-day in the first few weeks and months
  • Ways to build confidence and know you are providing enough milk for your baby
  • Laid-back breastfeeding - the BEST position for establishing a comfortable and ideal latch
  • Tips on pumping and going back to work
  • Avoiding common 'booby-traps' along the way
  • Newborn bathing how-tos
  • Basic newborn sleep arrangements and plans
  • Temperatures, breathing patterns, and all things that are common panic points for parents
  • Diapering (cloth and disposable)
  • Baby wearing tips and types
  • Normal newborn behaviors and reflexes
Breastfeeding Basics + Newborn Care Combo
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