birthED was born from the intention to support birthing parents and families as they navigate the joys and concerns of bringing their children into this world. Every birthED class has an emphasis on identifying each student's unique values and philosophies and assures authentic, honest, trained, and certified teachers.

With years of experience supporting people in their births as well as 1,000s of families educated over the past several years, birthED brings a unique knowledge to childbirth education. Rooted in the Lamaze® Healthy Birth Practices we bring evidenced-based actionable information to our students in a fun and interactive class.  

Photo Credit: Cait Bielefeldt Photography

Photo Credit: Cait Bielefeldt Photography

Birth classes are a must! I knew exactly what to expect and how to advocate for my birth plan during child birth. This is an example where knowledge is power and crucial in such an important event in your life.
— Educated Mama
Liz Hochman CD(DONA), CLC, LCCE, FACCE  Photograph: Cait Bielefeldt


Photograph: Cait Bielefeldt

Liz Hochman believes families deserve the best birth possible. With a background in mass communications (B.A. from Augsburg University) and a penchant for metrics, her first career was benchmarked by research, analysis, and implementation of real solutions at Research International.

After realizing these same skills could be applied to a different context, Liz began her foray into professional birth work. In her nearly a decade of experience, Liz has served countless Twin Cities families as a birth doula, Lamaze Childbirth Educator, and lactation counselor. As a volunteer in her dedicated pursuit to well-informed parents and birthing journeys, Liz has created and maintained a longitudinal data tracking survey and has collected doula attended birth outcomes for over 5,000 births in the Twin Cities with The Childbirth Collective doulas.

Currently, Liz is the proprietor and lead teacher of birthED in Hopkins, Minnesota, providing childbirth education, breastfeeding counseling, and pre- and post-natal resources to local families.