Photo: Meredith Westin Photography

Photo: Meredith Westin Photography

DOULA Directory Inquiry

Are you a local Twin Cities birth and/or postpartum DOULA? Do you have a committment to inclusivity and anti-racism in your doula work?

If the answer is “YES!” then we’d love to hear from you.

Our birth professional directory is an intentional list of individuals doing the good work of supporting families in the Twin Cities through the journey of welcoming children into their lives. It’s a list of doulas who we know are doing integrity filled good solid professional doula work.

The cost for a one year placement on our directory is $75. This cost covers our administrative tasks of loading and updating your listing. We hope your presence on our directory allows you to stay busy and productive in your work. You will also be part of a small group of birth professionals who will be the first to know about discounts for your clients, birth professional social events, and opportunities for enrichment of your work in birth.

***A $20 discount on your membership can be had if you have referred a student who has taken our main birthED Lamaze class in the past 6 months. ***


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