It's been 9 years since I first heard that inner voice prompting me to follow the path of supporting women and families in their births as a doula and I'm so glad I listened. Every one of those first few steps on the scary path towards working for myself was supported and encouraged by the voices around me. They said; "keep going", "this is right", "this is the work you were meant to do". I now find myself at another crossroads and again my head and heart have been filled with the voices of so many.  

You have all been there cheering me on, just as I have said, "you can do this" when you faced challenges in your pregnancies, births, and breastfeeding relationships, you are now pushing me to break down the barriers of my own challenge.   Although the path is scary and the worry of, "what if I can't", seeps into those quiet moments, I am choosing to believe all of you and set one foot in front of the other as I navigate this new landscape. 

It is with great optimism and passion that I announce my new birth and breastfeeding education company, called birthED.

Before you think I'm doing this all on my own, I must tell you that this name, philosophy, and all the words that accompany it were created and imagined by a small group of intelligent, powerful, and badass women. It is to this group of women, that I am forever grateful. 

I am asking that you share the word, far and wide.  That you tell your friends and your sisters about these classes and the passion I have for supporting them on their unique journey. I promise to take the best of care in educating them with the constant goal of helping them identify their BEST birth.  You do not have to look, feel, or talk a certain way to feel welcomed in my educational space. You do not need to have a certain type of lifestyle, birth, medical provider, or plan to be embraced.  If you've taken my class, you already know, that it is YOUR journey, and I'm here to guide you

I look forward to continuing to serve women and families, watching them find their voice, their power, and their purpose. as they rise to meet their children. 

Giving credit is, and always will be, so important to me. In the spirit of gratitude, I would like to give credit to the amazing people who have supported me, who have brilliant minds, pure hearts, and genuine intention: 

Michael, Lilly, Lucy, Mom, Steve, Dad, Deb, Aly, Alicia K., Anne M., Angie B, Angie S., Ashley, Ariana, Beth H., Briehn, Bre, Brother Jon, Candace, Carlye R.,  Cheryl, Dani C, Danica, Dorothy, Emy, Emme, Emily E, Emily B., Erin C., Ellee, Holly S, Jackie M, Jessie, Jolynda, Judith, Julie, Jenn B., Kate E., Kate K, Kelly P, Kelsey S., Krista N., Linnea, Lynn, Liz F, Meghan, Mary N., Marion S-K, Mom, Melissa B., Meredith S., Marlena C., Natalie T., Olivia, Shanna, The Brit Sarah B, Sarah B-B, Sarah M, Sister Sarah P., Shannon D., Susan, Tiarr B.,Tara L.



Most importantly, to my friend, co-teacher, and doula through this experience,  Nicole Stecker, who calls me every day for a pep talk, shows up for no pay to help me write, strategize, and plan. I would not be doing any of this without her support and friendship. 

With Gratitude and Love, 

Liz Hochman CD(DONA), CLC, LCCE