Birth and Breastfeeding Education Classes

We can help you match your expectations to your experience with evidenced-based, engaging, and honest classes to prepare you for your birth.


This class 100% prepared me and my husband for birth — and all of the twists and turns that a birth entails. We were so well-informed and confident going into our child’s birthday that it actually made the whole experience enjoyable. Most importantly, my husband really enjoyed the class and it made him feel super engaged in my pregnancy, birth & newbornhood!
— Educated Mama

We had no idea what we were doing and the unknown of what was to come had us nervous. The teachers debunked the myths that are often attributed to childbirth. They created a safe space that no question was too ridiculous and all pretense was left at the door. Their passion and knowledge was evident as each class centered around empowering and encouraging women that their bodies were made to give birth. They held a balance of scientific research, best practice, personal experience of over hundreds of births and as mothers. They have lived and worked in this community for years, making for a great resource before, during and after childbirth. Whether it be finding qualified midwives, connecting mothers to other mothers or recommending a great lactation consultant.
— Educated Dad

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