birthEDucated - The Ultimate Postpartum List

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I love smart people. Smart people are the coolest. I had a super smart person take my class and they came up with the ultimate postpartum list - Meet Erin and her husband Dan!

Erin is a project manager by day and is used to being an epic planner. When she was taking her birthED class she asked a lot of smart questions and built the most amazing list of things needed after her baby Eleanor was born. She graciously shared her list with all of YOU! So here goes...



The ULTIMATE Postpartum List!

Hospital Birth - Helpful Items:

Rachel Farganis Photography. 

Rachel Farganis Photography. 

  • Cooler with perishable items (string cheese, beverages, yogurt, fruit)
  • Big bag of granola bars, candy, nuts, snacks
  • Slippers (for both of YOU!)
  • Comfy clothes + Sweatpants for BOTH of you (multiple sets, because postpartum is SWEATY and birth is well... birth)
  • Essential oils you like for the bath or just to smell
  • Blanket from home
  • Spray for your bottom! I like Motherlove Organic Sitz Bath Spray and if somebody is wants to treat you, or you want to really pamper - go for the Motherlove Nurturing Life Gift Box
  • IF INDUCTION: Eye Mask, ear plugs, and a big sweatshirt or cardigan that your monitors will fit under while you sleep. 

Post Baby - Helpful Items

Breastfeeding and Self Care - Helpful Items

  • Multiple nursing bras - milk gets on EVERYTHING. Make sure you aren't using any wired bras, especially in the first month of breastfeeding. Milk needs to be able to flow freely and plugged ducts can be a problem when wires are involved.