birthED Comfort Tips - Better Sleep while Pregnant

A common complaint I hear from students in class is that they are getting really shitty sleep during their pregnancy. Hips are aching, multiple trips to the bathroom, arms falling asleep, round ligament pain, and snoring are all to blame for the sleep disruptions my clients and students report to me.  I learned this cool sleep trick from a few really smart midwives and chiropractors in my local, Twin Cities, birthy scene.  Special thanks to Willow Midwives in Minneapolis for letting me use their gorgeous birth suite and a BIG congratulations to the mama in this video for having a beautiful baby BOY just this past week!

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No discussion on body positioning or fetal positioning in pregnancy is complete without mentioning Spinning Babies. I highly recommend spending time reading and absorbing Gail Tully's ideas.

The video and tips offered are not a medical recommendation, but are offered for informational purposes only. Doulas and Childbirth Educators are not medical care providers and you should consult with your physician or midwife on any positioning or other interventions before attempting.